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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

KW Titans!!

Match your Muskoka chair colours to your favorite sports team. Fantastic customized gift idea. The modern resin & stainless steel design allows them to be left outside all year round. No Rotting, No Fading, completely waterproof!

Bird Feeder Kits

Bird Feeder Kits by L1FE Outdoors ..... Designed by kids .... Fun for Kids and Adults the same! These bright and modern feeders come in a kit to be assembled, creating fun for both kids and adults.

Trendy Colours

Teal is in! Teal and white Muskoka chair..... Add a splash of colour to your outdoor space.

Gift for Her

Dark Grey and Purple make a great colour combination and a great gift for ‘Her’. #MothersDay

Match your Boat

Muskoka chairs gone sporty! L1FE outdoors will help you create a chair design that matches your boat, car, bike, or favorite sports team. Great for your own garage or as a unique gift for someone special.

Easy to Clean

Made of recycled plastic (resin) and stainless steel, L1FE outdoors modern Muskoka chairs are easy to clean. Just give them a hose down or a light pressure wash.

By the Water

Enjoy the beautiful view by the water in these new modern Muskoka chairs. Check out this bright red traditional cottage colour. Sick of the end of season cottage clean up? Leave these chairs out all winter. The resin & stainless steel design allows them to be left outside all year round. No Rotting and No Fading!

Bright Yellow

Enjoy this traditional yellow cottage colour on a contemporary Adirondack chair. The stainless steel frame not only adds strength but also adds to the modern look.

Deck Chairs

Make your deck look good with L1FE outdoors modern Muskoka chairs. Enjoy your beautiful outdoor views in style and comfort.

Double Grey!

These double grey Adirondack chairs create a neutral look leaving the focus on the beauty of nature!! What a great look for the patio.

Add Some Colour!

Add some colour to your back yard with this lime green and black chair combo. Create a modern and fun outdoor space. You'll find yourself spending more time outdoors.

Backyard Tranquility

Turn your backyard into a tranquil home get away! Who needs to go to a resort when you have a backyard like this? L1FE Outdoors modern Adirondack chairs are the answer!

Cottage Chairs

Need chairs at the cottage? Want to be different? L1FE Outdoors has a Muskoka / Adirondack chair with a unique modern look. And you can choose your colours right down to each slat! Check out how great this cottage patio looks.

Creative Colour Combinations

Add some colour to your outdoor space with these bright and fun modern Muskoka chairs from L1FE outdoors. Great for the deck, dock, patio, garage, fireside, poolside, or any outdoor sitting area.

Put your feet up

Put your feet up with a matching foot stool! Add a foot stool to any L1FE outdoors Muskoka chair.

Your Chairs Your Way

Customize your Muskoka chairs to match your outdoor lifestyle. Choose the colours of your chair right down to each slat. Add a splash of colour and make your outdoor space a place you want to hang out.

Georgian Bay Side!

Georgian Bay, campfire, Muskoka Bear Wear sweaters, and L1FE Outdoors modern Adirondack chairs! What more do you need?

Old Meets New!

L1FE Outdoors Adirondack chairs add a modern touch to this old rustic cottage. A fun mix of old and new.

Weather Safe

L1FE outdoors recognizes the importance of making outdoor furniture weather safe so that they are able to stay out in all 4 seasons. Camp fires in the snow, what a great way to enjoy winter with friends. #LowMaintenance

Muskoka Chairs with Cup Holders!

Finally cup holders. These stainless steel cup holders add style and function to your Muskoka chair. Holds most cans and standard bottles. #cheers

Trendy Colours

Teal is in! Enhance your outdoor lifestyle with a splash of colour. Check out how great teal modern Muskoka chairs look.

Go Green!

Lime green modern Muskoka chair, what a great look for the dock!

Muskoka chairs in Muskoka!

Check out our modern Muskoka chairs in Muskoka. Visit the Waters Edge Restaurant at the Lake Josephs Club. L1FE Outdoors chairs are on display down on the dock.

Modern Outdoor Planters

L1FE Outdoors planters are made from 100% recycled plastic (resin) and stainless steel. Feel free to leave them out all year round. Many colours and sizes to choose from. Can't find the size you want? We will customize it for you!

Custom Outdoor Planters

L1FE Outdoors can help design outdoor planters to fit your space. Great for the porch, deck, dock or patio!

Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

L1FE outdoors can help create beautiful outdoor sitting areas anywhere on your landscape. This tan and black outdoor coffee table and chair set is neutral in colour and would be a fantastic addition to any yard.

Modern & Durable Outdoor Dining Set

Dining outside is the best! Add a L1FE Outdoors table set to your outdoor decor. Our dining furniture is modern and made of 100% recycled plastic (resin) and stainless steel. Completely weather proof, leave it outside all year round.

Classic but Modern Solid Red Adirondack Chairs

Solid Red Modern Muskoka Chair: A fun bright colour for the cottage, campsite, fire pit area, and of course the poolside. Pool parties here we come... invite all the neighbours!

Lake Side Chairs

Take the modern style you love ‘lakeside’. The contemporary design of L1FE outdoors Adirondack chair adds to the décor of your outdoor space. Great for patios, decks, docks, fire pit areas, and poolside. These chairs add to the enjoyment of neighbourhood BBQs, cottage vacations, friend and family events.

Poolside Lounging

Put L1FE Outdoors Modern Muskoka chairs around your pool. They don't only look great but they are comfortable and maintenance free. No rotting, No colour fading, Waterproof... and leave them out all year round!

Teal looks great beside the pool

Modern Teal Muskoka chairs by the pool. Look at how the colour brings out the teal in the pool. Create a stylish outdoor pool space. You'll want to invite the neighbours for a BBQ to show it off.

Classy Black Modern Muskoka Chairs

Stunning! Classy Black mixed with Modern Design. Stay Vacations are in! Why not make your backyard feel like an everyday resort. L1FE Outdoors furniture can help.

Front Entrance Planters

Need the perfect planter (s) for your front door entrance? L1FE Outdoors can help you create the look you want.

L1FE is better by the Campfire

There’s just something about a campfire. What a great way to bond with friends and family. L1FE Outdoors chairs are perfect for the campfire.

Privacy Planters

Create a privacy barrier between you and the neighbours with style! L1FE Outdoors will help you create custom planters that are not only functional but look great and add to your outdoor decor.

Classic Cottage Colours!

Check out these bright classic cottage chair colours, but with a modern twist in design. Adirondack chairs go contemporary!

Green Roof Deck Chairs

Add these green chairs to your green roof deck. L1FE Outdoors modern Muskoka chairs are hand made using only 100% recycled plastic (resin) and stainless steel. Plus they are weather proof and can stay out all year round.

Modern Urban Deck Chairs

Create a modern look to your outdoor space. L1FE Outdoors furniture can help make your backyard, deck, or patio a place you want to hang out. You'll be ready to host those backyard BBQs, summer parties, friends and family events!

Around the Fire

This light grey and black chair combo makes for a modern but classy feel around the fire pit. What a great backyard set up for family and friend events.

Customized Gifts

Great Gift idea! Customize L1FE Outdoors Adirondack chairs for someone special or as a client gift. This Chair was made to match a special car, great for the mancave! #Fathersday

Picture Perfect and More!

A beautiful view from the back…. note the stainless steel accents and the hidden fasteners. Great care was taken to engineer our Adirondack chair for strength AND style.

Tall, Black & Modern

Leave these outdoor planters outside all year round! They're made from UV stabilized recycled plastic and stainless steel resulting no rotting and no fading!

4 Season Chairs!

Maintenance Free Outdoor Chairs. L1FE Outdoors encourages you to leave your chairs outside for all 4 seasons. Use them in the winter....if you can find them.

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